Revamping our laundry/utility room

my coolest project yet

The phrase “tech debt” refers to the unavoidable cost of future maintenance or reworking of a (software) system where speed/hacks were prioritized over quality during development. Do we have a similar phrase for a catch-all “junk” space in our homes?

Our laundry room supposedly doubled as a utility room where my tools and spare parts were stashed, but it turns out I could never find what I needed when I needed it! We all know by now that I am not a fan of inefficiency.

Details to come, but I’ll leave you with some before-and-after shots for now!

before and after of laundry room shelves

before and after of laundry room shelves

Shilpa Kobren is the Associate Director of Rare Disease Analysis at Harvard Medical School where she focuses on analyzing genomic sequencing data with patient clinical information to derive insights into human diseases. Shilpa lives in an 1890s urban apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and two energetic toddlers. She retains her sense of peace amid the chaos by creating and iteratively improving systems that optimize daily efficiency in her family's constrained living space.

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