Shilpa Nadimpalli Kobren

Associate Director of Rare Disease Analysis at Harvard Medical School
Hi! 👋

My current research centers around developing computational methods to uncover elusive genetic underpinnings of human health conditions such as cancer, Mendelian disorders, and unexpected treatment responders. Pinpointing disease-relevant genetic variants that defy detection can shine a light on the limits of our biological and medical knowledge and requires the development of computationally tractable and interpretable models that integrate high-throughput functionality data, population-level 'omics data, and clinical health data.

I chair the Tool Building Coalition working group in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network, teach about genome sequencing analysis for rare disease diagnosis, and mentor and advise undergraduate, Master's, and PhD students on their research projects.

My mental and creative energy is also drawn in many other (rewarding, demanding, typically unacknowledged) directions: I coordinate the Tykes league through Somerville Youth Soccer, am a trustee for our self-managed 6-unit condo (and oversee our budget, legal paperwork, and large construction projects), and am the parent–teacher liaison and volunteer coordinator for my eldest kiddo's (public school) classroom. I love DIY house projects, camping and backpacking with my kids, and seeing live music.